Masai School’s Glide Program — Top performing students will get a living allowance of Rs. 10,000 per unit

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3 min readNov 9, 2020


We started Masai School to effectively change the face of the Education system by providing risk-free education to our students where Masai School is as accountable as our students in their success.

Therefore our students pay us only when they get placed with a job that pays them a minimum package of 5 LPA.

Our students undergo intense training for 30 weeks which involves them being subject to a military style training — 9–9–6, where the students dedicate all their time, and energy skilling from 9 am to 9 pm, 6 days a week for 30 weeks!

Since our inception in July, 2019 we have helped 400+ students become software developers with an average package of 7.5 LPA, and you’d be surprised to know that about 65% of these students come from non-CS backgrounds.

While we were building Masai School we realized that there were many students who wished to join our curriculum, but couldn’t commit full-time because of certain financial constraints where they do not want to further burden their parents.

One of our early interactions was with a very bright student — Yash, who was placed at an IT company with a package of 2.8 LPA, but still wanted to join our program, but couldn’t because he had recently learned to manage his personal finances, and not depend on his parents.

and despite him willing to join us, he couldn’t because he had a responsibility to play, and he could no longer shy away from it.

Sadly, with the current state of our education system there are millions of Yash’s who are stuck at jobs that undermines their potential. Bright young minds are stuck at support roles, or sitting at the benches waiting to be assigned to projects.

At Masai School, we realised that this needed to be solved — Although we were offering risk-free education to our students, we learned that to truly unlock the potential of our programs, we needed to think on first principles, and go back to the whiteboard.

We are proud to announce our latest addition to our full-time programs — “The Glide Program” where we will provide a living allowance of Rs. 10,000/Unit to the Top performing students for their 30-week course at Masai School.

How does “Glide Program” work?

We closely monitor the performance of all our students in Unit — 1 (5 weeks) at Masai School, and will evaluate them on a mix of factors such as -

  • Discipline, Attendance
  • Performance in assignments
  • Scores in assessments
  • Team work

Based on the overall performances, we will choose the top performing students who will be eligible for the living allowance of Rs. 10,000, which will repaid when he/she graduates.

The thought process that went into the creation of this program was to give our students the financial freedom that allows them to take the leap of faith, and join our full-time program that empowers them to become top-class developers.

Under this program, top-performing students after clearing Unit -1 (first 5 weeks at Masai) will be eligible to a living allowance of Rs. 10,000, and this capital allows them to -

  • Leave their current jobs, and use the allowance to sustain their expenses while studying
  • Not worry about their education loan EMIs
  • Not be dependent on their family for financial support
  • Buy a laptop or any other device that allows them to learn effectively

This means Masai School is now offering a tested world-class curriculum that allows our students to go from no knowledge in programming to a stage where they can be hired by the best of the companies as Software Developers.

This is achieved through —

  • A robust curriculum,
  • a community of fellow learners,
  • Masterclasses Industry mentors,
  • Career coaches, and Sherpas
  • Hiring partners, interview sources,
  • and now we will offer a living allowance to ensure that we are doing everything for our students.

We’ve been piloting this successfully at a smaller scale, and while we still won’t be able to serve everyone who stands in need we’re excited to watch this change the lives of many people.

As we continue to prove that this model works we can begin putting millions of dollars behind it, and ensure that we are doing everything to help the youth of this country tap into their potential.

FAQ — Glide Program — Please follow this link for the FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions for the Glide Program



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