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2 min readNov 9, 2020


The Glide Program is aimed to allow our students to take the leap of faith with us, and enrol for our full-time programs which run for 30 Weeks (6 units), and we train them to become top-class Software Developers.

“The Glide Program” where we will provide a living allowance of Rs. 10,000/unit to the Top performing students after they have cleared for the entire duration of their course.

Which programs are eligible for the Glide Program? Only the students for the Full Time Program — Full Stack Development and Android Full Stack Development

What is the living allowance provided? Rs. 10,000/unit till the course completion

When is the student eligible for the Glide Program? After completing Unit-1 i.e 5 weeks at Masai school participating actively in the curriculum

Who is eligible for the Glide Program? Everyone who enrols in our program is eligible to get the living allowance of Rs. 10,000/unit, as long as they meet the minimum eligibility -

  • Attendance
  • Timely completion of Assignments
  • Overall Discipline
  • Performance in evaluations

What are the factors on which you will choose the top performing students?

The top performing students eligible for the Glide program would be chosen based on their overall performance during their first unit at Masai School, which includes factors such as — Discipline, eagerness to learn, performance in evaluations, and the completion of assignments.

The chosen students will be on the sole discretion of the Masai team.

Is this Rs. 10,000/unit a scholarship?

No, this amount will have to be repaid when you graduate. The motive behind the Glide Program is to enable the students to study risk-free without any worry about their finances, but once they graduate, the student will pay back this amount with a Morat period of 2 months.

What if I don’t want to enrol for the Glide program?

You can always choose to pass on this opportunity, and perhaps the next deserving person in-queue might be able to benefit from this.

Can the Living allowance be withdrawn?

Yes, if the selected student does not perform as per expectations, or loses out on attendance, or if there are any disciplinary issues, then in such cases the allowance will be withdrawn.

What if I fall ill, and lose out on attendance? Will my allowance be taken away?

In such cases, our discipline team will look into the issue, and the verdict will depend on a case to case basis.

Do recipients have to account for how they spend the money? No

Do students then pay back the money? Yes, this is an allowance and not a scholarship.

Is it available for Part-time courses? Not yet



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