This is how Chandra made his father’s dream come true by becoming a Software Developer

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3 min readJul 1, 2021


Born and brought up in a village called Vengalappanahalli in Karnataka, Chandra studied in Kannada medium school till class 10th. Like most children, he dreamt of becoming either a doctor or an engineer but wasn’t sure about his interests. When he moved to an English medium school in class 11th, it took him over a year to get used to the language and communicate with people.

Masai Student — Chandra Mouli, Software Engineer at Vyapar

He chose physics, chemistry, maths, and biology (PCMB) as his major subjects in class 11th and 12th so that he could get more time to decide what he wanted to pursue as his career. After school, he passed with flying colours in every competitive exam that he gave for engineering- which made him eliminate the option of going for the medical stream. As per his father’s guidance, he opted for Electronic Engineering.

However, just within a year, he realised that he could not develop his interest in ECE and flunked in his 2nd year of college. After repeating one more year, he somehow made it to the third year where he discovered his inner passion for coding. He began using his free time to research and learn more about the fundamentals of coding and programming.

His interest developed after analyzing websites like Flipkart and Amazon, where just by clicking a few buttons, you could shop online. To try something out, he developed a simple game of guessing numbers which uplifted his spirit and confidence to do something about it in order to become a professional coder. The next action in his life was to move towards learning industry-based skills and get a job in programming and development.

He started exploring Java and Python from online resources where he learned basic structures and problem-solving methods. However, certain problems required some experienced guidance. While looking for a mentor to clear his doubts and guide him in a better manner, one of his friends advised him to join Masai School- it was offering one month of free training after which one had the option of dropping out without paying any fees.

Without any hesitation, he joined Masai and began his journey of advancing towards his dream. Initial days were challenging for him but his inspiration in getting up early every day and work on the curriculum was indestructible; his will in becoming a developer was stronger than ever and he had promised himself to improve the financial condition of his family with his endeavours.

During his training, he had a specific plan of actions that were to be executed throughout the day, which was something he never expected to figure out by himself before.

Chandra’s dedication combined with his mentors’ constant support played a very crucial role for him. He turned out to be a brilliant coder with a confident personality. During placements, he cracked the first interview he attended without any difficulty and currently he works as a Software Developer at Vyapar App.

His belief in himself and the skills he learned from Masai are still relevant and useful in his everyday life. He continues to learn new things in his workplace to grow more every day. According to him, Masai has made him the person he used to think about and it turned his father’s dream of seeing him as a professional engineer into reality.



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