Omkar’s story of dropping out of IIT to working as a Software Engineer — #MasaiGrad

Omkar dropped out of IIT-Roorkee in his 2nd year of Engineering, and set out to experiment with what he wanted in life, and soon he found himself working in the banking sector, which he soon quit and started preparing for the civil services, and then moved into a data science job where he was introduced to the world of programming.

Omkar started enjoying programming, and wanted to dive deeper to develop his understanding about coding, and that’s when he read about Masai School on Quora which got him intrigued, and upon researching, and reading about the experiences of Masai Alumni, he took the leap of faith, and enrolled at Masai School.

Today when he looks back, he chuckles and says — I graduated in Civil Engineering, and today I am working as a Software Engineer, it’s funny as to how life pans out.

Omkar on Masai School

Masai is like a scuba diving experience in ways. When I joined Masai, I learned about the depths, and the possibilities, and my mentors helped me learn, challenged me to solve problems, and were always there for me.

From training in programming to preparing for the placements, and for helping us improve upon our soft-skills, Masai School ensures that their students have holistic learning experiences, and it definitely helps you set the foundation for your professional career.

Advice to anyone who’s looking to join Masai School?

If you cooperate, and stick around, they will make you a software engineer, and I know that for a fact, and have experienced it first hand.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to skill-yourself, and pave a new career path, you can apply to join Masai School.

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