New year, new resolution

2020 has been the most impactful year for every single person on the planet, a year of breakthroughs and paradigm shifts from an individual level to global.

As we enter the new year, a new hope is on the horizon. We have known about the problems and began to understand the risks. We prepared ourselves to support our peers through thick and thin. Now it’s time to implement the positive impact. As the skies clear on the global health frontier with phenomenal progress being made to bring back the world economies, witnessing global markets bouncing back, and living to create even greater positive impact for the world, we decided to embark on a journey to unprecedented growth.

Masai School had started with fiercely grounded passion to empower and employ the underprivileged and the underdogs into the tech world. This year we have had so many success stories of students where people working as a security guard, or living in a village with no stable source of electricity have now gotten placed in some of India’s top startup companies like ShareChat, AirMeet etc. Masai School stood its ground in 2020 and grew stronger.

Come 2021, we’re ready to embark on the journey of massive scale.The Masai Tribe is growing with talented new faces. Products are being streamlined and new things are being built. Masai School itself is transmuting to what it stands for — a tech powerhouse.

We are entering the new year with a renewed energies and vows. Our new website captures our re-branding and shows the tenacity of the Masai Tribe for being bold as we proudly step into our edgiest form yet — dark themed. Moving on from text heavy content to more visual, our emphasis is placed on adapting to the mobile and video-first users. Along with the modern design and visual treat, our website is updated with some cool features like below:

  • Hero banners for exciting new things
  • ISA calculator
  • Multiple course selection
  • Ability to add testimonials
  • Quiz to find suitable course

Check out the new look at

Goodbye 2020. Welcome 2021!!!

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