#MasaiGrad — Vishnu’s story of transitioning from an Audit executive to a Developer in 30 Weeks

This is the story of Vishnu who worked as an audit executive for 3.5 years, and later transitioned into a Software Engineer in just 30 Weeks

Vishnu graduated from St Joseph’s college, Bangalore in 2015, and started his professional career as an audit executive at a top-company, where he worked for 3.5 years.

He later went on to work at a startup where he had the chance to work closely with the tech-team, and that’s when he developed an interest in app-development, and with time he started researching the possibilities of app development.

“I was finding it hard to clear the CA final exam, and I realized I needed to switch fields, and I did not want to spend more time preparing for another exam, and thought to try something else in that time”

Upon reading Hasan’s story (Masai Alumni) in the newspaper, he leapt on the possibility of becoming a software developer, and joined Masai School.

How was your experience at Masai School?

Although I come from a non-math, and non-CS background, I have been able to transition very smoothly into the role of an Engineer, and I think Masai School has a very big role to play in my story.

The initial days were a little challenging — Data Structures, and time-complexity were a little hard to grasp, but with time I was able to get over the fear, and today I feel it’s one of my strong fortes.

Masai School challenged me, trained me, and helped me think like a programmer who’s always keen on solving new problems. Thank you Masai School.

Advice to someone who aspires to join Masai School?

Focus on what is being taught, Have full faith in the curriculum, and the teachers. You might feel it’s getting challenging, but it all turns out well in the longer run, and when you will look back months later, “You’ll probably laugh, and then feel proud of what you’ve achieved”

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