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After having trained 100+ students to become software developers in 30 weeks, we realized that there is a huge number of people who aspire to work at top-tech companies but are unable to because of certain challenges.

So, let us take a step back & break down the prime reasons which prevent talented candidates from realizing their dream to work with a top company (as of today):

Outdated Course curriculum — There’s a huge gap between what the college curriculum teaches vs what these companies look for.

Critical thinking & reasoning ability — Learning to code isn’t enough. These companies demand their applicants to have great control over their foundational knowledge of algorithms, and data structures

Lack of hands-on experience — A good developer isn’t someone who just understands all of the algorithmic possibilities. They can convert their thoughts into code, and develop frameworks, and evolve the algorithms along the way, countering one problem at a time.

Lack of a Platform — Only a handful of the colleges in India, are able to attract the top companies for recruitments, and sadly 95% of the colleges remain in the shadows. Talent not only remains un-nurtured, but also undiscovered.

Top companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft seek individuals who can solve problems on the go, and have clear knowledge of the basics of Data Structures, Algorithms, & System design.

These companies are as hungry for skilled developers, as much as a driven student is seeking an opportunity to work with them. Truth be told, these companies don’t really care much about your degrees or your GPA.

Given the above, the education system will be forced to evolve over the next few years & we are hopeful about the New Education Policy. However, till the time that hope translates into reality — the question for an aspiring developer still stands.

Today, there is an overwhelming amount of FREE information, and resources available on the internet which can help someone learn anything they wish to.

However, while that is great to fill knowledge gaps, it does not work for the masses. The “free knowledge/information” etc is unstructured, scattered & most importantly lacks a proper framework.

One of the most important pieces in skilling is being able to stitch various pieces of information together — in a way that is useful in real life. Additionally, such resources suffer from lack of direction & lack of guidance and support. These weaken the will of the student, and they are unable to successfully self-educate.

Having understood the problem, we have come up with a 24-week curriculum that helps you learn to code like a pro, and prepare you to ace these interviews, and find the dream job you aspired for.

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Our curriculum has been designed by consulting with senior engineers at Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc to help us bridge the gap between students & industry needs!

We focus on

Data Structures, Algorithms — To build your logical & problem-solving skills through a thorough study of fundamentals, and their applications

CS fundamentals — OS, Databases, Computer networks

System Design & Software Development — Being able to convert thoughts to algorithms, and translate them to clean, efficient, scalable code using Java Spring Boot

We connect you to recruiters, thereby enabling our students to find relevant opportunities

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Masai School has previously helped almost 100+ students find opportunities as software developers in top product companies like Revv Sales, Sharechat, Smallcase, Vyapar, etc

Join us in the revolution, and apply now to be a part of Masai School towards realizing your dream of becoming a software developer at your dream company.

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