How Keshav Mahavar upped his salary by 4X after graduating from Masai School

Keshav Mahavar who hails from Alwar, Rajasthan is all of 21 years old. He’d been passionate about computers since his school days, and always wanted to be a software developer. He joined Computer Science Engineering in SRM Institute of Technology and graduated only in 2020.

After graduating from college, Keshav was able to find a campus placement from a services-based tech company. Having realised that he could do much better, he was not entirely satisfied with the offer. Besides, Keshav also says he was also not skilled enough to narrow down his focus into a specific area of software development, and that this hindered his chances to get into the best possible organisations.

Having come across an article about a student from Masai getting into a product based startup, Keshav decided to check how Masai School works. He wanted to give it a chance, though not fully sure of it. He now says he is glad to have gotten through and finished the course eventually.

Keshav talks about his journey with Masai in this video:

In the beginning of the course, Keshav found the 9am-9pm schedule for 6 days a week, a little hectic. He was never exposed to this kind of a training program, and whatever he did in his education only came with regular intervals in between. But Keshav says it had become a habit for him eventually to be able to sit long hours every day to code, as he progressed along the coursework.

The ISA Payments System

To reduce the burden of student loans for engineering students, Masai School operates on an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) where the students pay zero upfront cost. Once they graduate from the course, the students will pay back 15 percent of their monthly income for 36 months, or until they reach a maximum capped amount of INR 3 lac.

However, the Income-Sharing Agreement is applicable only when the students get a job offer with a package of INR 5 LPA or more.

Coding at Masai School

Keshav says, “Any aspirant would have to be persistent enough about coding in the first place. There are going to be plenty of issues you would have to encounter in the process, so it takes a lot of attention-to-detail and patience to be able to solve these problems. So being as disciplined as possible allows you to develop this level of attitude.”

Having started off with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Keshav moved on to learn MERN Stack and all the core components in full stack development. Along with these, he was also able to pick up Data Structures and Algorithms during the course.

Throughout the duration of his Full-Stack Web Development course, Keshav worked on projects with many peers in the cohort. He used to get random partners and had to work with a total stranger who he had not met before. Keshav calls this a great experience, as he had the opportunity to hone his communications skills, and calls it a very critical aspect of being an exceptional software developer.

After graduating from Masai School, Keshav was able to crack his very first job interview at tech startup ShareChat. Since December 2020, he has been working as Software Development Engineer — 1 at the startup. He admits that his biological clock is still programmed from his Masai School days, which adds on to his better performance in his everyday job at ShareChat.



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