How a UPSC aspirant changed his path to become a Coder: Story of Manideep

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Born and brought up in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh; Manideep Pullalachervu was always a dreamer since childhood. Growing up, he would get influenced by his surroundings and constantly experiment with his interests.

In 6th grade, he wanted to be a pilot, a doctor in 9th, and after that an IPS officer. After the completion of 10 grade, he chose PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths), and further for graduation he took ECE.

Manideep, Masai Graduate, SDE — 1 @masaischool

Although Manideep was interested in taking Computer Science during engineering, he was never able to pursue it due to the misdirected guidance of his peers. As a consequence, he ended up taking ECE as his branch, which he despised, and with time his interests changed, and led him to prepare for UPSC exams.

While preparing for UPSC for the next 1.5 years, he realized the amount of effort and time most people contributed to excel in these exams was unimaginable, even though he couldn’t give the exams due to health issues there was a lot for him to learn from the experience.. Lost like a drop of water in an ocean, he used to sit in his coaching classes which consisted of at least 400 hundred students which enlightened him to the fact that there is a good chance that not even one person might crack the exams of UPSC due to immense level of competition.

He also spent 2 years preparing for the SSC CGL exam too. While it’s true that the pool of people who take UPSC exam is way smaller than SSC CGL, he resented it after a while because of the rigorous amount of time that he was spending on learning about something he was already well-versed with. He also took the AFCAT and IB exams to try his luck but that too didn’t work out well for him.

After the series of setbacks, Manideep never thought of taking up coding due to the bad experiences in his college. However, what caught his attention the most was his social circle which displayed to him that through technology, a lot can happen or is already happening. Following that, he began taking data science courses since he needed to develop a skill to fall back on the case he failed the government examinations.

In studying data science, one of his mentors recommended that he pursue CS in engineering in order to learn all elements of what he learns here. His interest in the field gradually developed and became whole when he started to research more on coding and developing; while doing it he came across Masai School. He took a lot of courses which included becoming a Full Stack developer in a month but none of them was able to fulfil their promise and on the other hand, Masai was offering a course that required him to take 9 to 9 classes 6 days a week, this felt really honest to Manideep. He was also delighted with its ISA, which required the students to only pay the fee after landing a job of more than Rs.5,00,000 per annum.

After preparing for multiple competitive tests Manideep was no stranger to the concept of 12 hours of studying, but Masai’s method of teaching let him feel no stress of learning; he never felt the need for a break to rest his mind since it was never caught up in any form of anxiety. The 9 to 9 curriculum was a fascinating technique of learning to code since he would put in more time to apply the knowledge he had gained, and he understood the relevance of what he was learning to the real world. According to him, the experience in Masai would not only make you a skilled developer but also a more efficient learner, preparing you for any new abilities that are essential to master.

He came to Masai school looking for a strong goal in his life and ended up making Masai his dream, his belief in the values and principles of Masai was so powerful that he joined its cause as a software developer. His mission is now Masai’s vision and he believes there is a great deal of untapped potential in our country to be properly identified and fostered to create a successful persona.

Prior to this period in his life, he never had a role model but today every Masai mentor stands tall in his mind and heart, as an idol he admires and aspires to be one day. He wants to put the same amount of effort into other people as his mentors put on him, he wanted to feel the satisfaction of his mentees getting placed, getting jobs, and fulfilling their dreams. He says:

“I was at the lowest point of my life while joining Masai but it was after coming here I realized there are always people and places that will support you and gradually this lesson became my goal for life. Unlike other institutions, Masai really invests in its students to prosper in their lives.”



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