Gargi fulfilled her dream of becoming a Frontend Developer by overcoming every hurdle

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4 min readJun 24, 2021


Gargi Das makes sure she sets her mind towards one goal at a time. Growing up in a family of professional engineers, her desire of becoming a Software Engineer came naturally to her at a young age.

Gargi Das, Masai Alumni — Frontend Developer at SwitchOn

After class 10th, she opted for the non-medical stream with Computer Science as an optional subject, but performed poorly in board exams. In college, she could not get admission in the CS(Computer Science) department, and had to opt for Engineering in Electronics and Communications instead.

As she socialised more and more with her peers and seniors from the CS department, she realised that she felt very interested when she would see them creating new websites and developing applications. It would truly fuel her love for Coding and Programming. She began to interact with them on a regular basis and became a member of the technical society in her college, which helped her in learning more about this field.

After graduating, she moved to Hyderabad to pursue her dream of becoming a Software Developer and searched for opportunities to learn the fundamentals of Coding as she knew that she just had theoretical knowledge of it. While she was good at explaining through words- when someone would give her a complex real-time problem to solve, she could not solve it because of a lack of experience.

This also led to her facing a difficult time in job placements as would get rejected in the first round itself. It soon became disheartening for her and on top of it, she couldn’t ask her parents for financial assistance as she felt too grown up for it.

When luck didn’t play in her favour at Hyderabad, she moved to Bangalore in search of new opportunities- here’s where one of her friends suggested she enrol at Masai School. As she did her research about it, she felt impressed by its Income Share Agreement- which required the students to only pay the fee after landing a job of more than Rs.5,00,000 per annum.

After joining, she initially struggled with the 9-to-9-to-6 routine as it required her to be very disciplined and active. However, as the days passed by, she got used to it and felt inspired to work hard towards her life and career with sincerity.

Coming from a Non-CS background with little practical knowledge, Gargi also felt under confident about performing well. But with the constant support of her mentors, she was able to come over her biggest fears. She still remembers her mentor Yogesh’s wise words- “Life is not a race but it’s a marathon, believe in persistence and only then you will be an updated version of yourself who is ready to achieve her dream.”

Gradually, she became more capable of solving complex problems in a practical manner which made her realize that her goal of applying her theoretical knowledge was complete. At Masai, it did not matter what time she would ask about a query or doubt, it was always addressed by the mentors and this gave her immense confidence to prepare for the job interviews.

While she was in a better spot than before- having practical knowledge about Coding and Programming, she still wasn’t able to clear the interview rounds because of her communication skills. As she naturally got worried about her future, her mentor Ankur said to her- “In life, you may often find yourself asking why is everything so unfair, particularly to me. But in those times, we must continue to strive harder and work better.”

With the support and motivation of the faculty, she worked harder than before by taking more mock interview sessions and working on her overall personality and confidence. Her hard work finally paid off a few weeks later when she got placed in SwitchOn as a Frontend Developer. Her family felt super proud of her success and this made her wonder how roller-coaster her life had been- there was a time when she was afraid that she had disappointed them for life but today, they were patting her back.

Gargi expresses that Masai School has made her a wiser and disciplined person. There was a time when she couldn’t get her priorities in order but now she manages both her personal and professional life with balance.

She gives the following message to aspiring Coder and Developers-

“With perseverance and dedication, you can achieve your goal. Like software and applications, upgrade yourself and always keep on progressing.”



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