CSE with no interest to becoming a professional Developer: Kritika’s story

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3 min readJun 28, 2021


Kritika Tripathi’s life has been a roller-coaster ride: Native of Uttar Pradesh Kritika was raised in Chhattisgarh and studied computer science in her undergraduate course from Bangalore.

During an internship in her college, she developed a keen interest in coding, but couldn’t find a job, and that’s what brought her to Masai. In this blog we will learn about her transformation from a not-so interested in coding to working as a full-time software developer.

Kritika Tripathi, Masai Alumni, Frontend Developer Instamojo.com

As she developed her interest, she was curious to explore more and work in this field. However, her college did not have a proper recruiting process at the time, and the companies that would come were mostly related to sales and marketing, therefore she never got an opportunity to find a technical job.

Though her understanding of the fundamentals of computers and languages was strong, she was unable to convert it into code. Her implementation of the knowledge gained was incomplete, which resulted in her inability to find a job.

She also trained for offline campus interviews but was unable to clear either of them. To polish her skills, she opted to learn Java from Udemy but quickly realized that learning theoretically was not going to help her in having a good career. She needed practical knowledge of things.

While researching for the best options available, her uncle asked her to read an article about Masai School published in the Times of India. What piqued her interest in Masai was even non-coders could learn the industry-level skills within a short period of time. She was also impressed with the concept of earn to learn and pay only when you’re hired, which required the students to only pay the fee after landing a job that paid more than 5 LPA.

Initially, she believed that Masai would not make a significant difference in her career as she was already a CS student, but once her course started, she realized that she would need continuous guidance and mentorship in order to learn all the coding and programming skills needed for her future endeavours. She was also certain that she would be unable to keep up with the 9-to-9 routine because discipline was not her strongest suit. However, the commitment of her mentors, who were continuously assisting every single student in learning and practicing each skill that had been taught, inspired her to work harder towards her dreams.

Encouraged by her mentors’ determination, she worked and practised rigorously every day with a new passion. Her self-esteem increased and she became a more disciplined individual who now knew how to utilize her time in the best manner. She describes that the Masai course focused not just on programming skills, but also on communication skills and overall personality. However, the road to success was going to be longer.

After completing the course and despite passing the first round of interviews for the majority of the companies during placements, she did not get recruited by any of them due to a lack of conviction in answering the questions that put forward. Regardless of the fact that this situation was a huge disappointment for her, the Masai team stood by her and conducted regular mock interviews, worked on polishing her soft skills and raised her morale all the way till she landed herself a worthy job.

Today, she works as a Software Engineer at Instamojo and still maintains the same routine of 9–9–6 as she did at Masai. She says:

“Masai has made me punctual and has taught me more than just coding- it has given me the strength to overcome my fear of speaking in public. Also, I have learned that mastering any one skill is ‘more important’ than learning all of it.”



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