Coding at Masai School gave a new height to Rutvik’s career- Here’s how

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4 min readMay 27, 2021


25-year-old Rutvik from Navi Mumbai wasn’t very inclined towards studies in his childhood. He was an above-average student who loved sports and made an obvious choice by opting for Science as his stream after class 10th.

Being an ardent fan of comic books since a very young age, he felt inspired by the character of Tony Stark from the ‘Ironman’ series by Marvel Comics and he too wanted to invent ‘cool’ things that would keep him ahead of others. Based on this notion, he decided to pursue his graduation in Computer Science but couldn’t get through the cut-off, therefore went ahead with Electrical and Communications Engineering.

While there was hardly any scope for him to learn professional Coding in his college days, he did have basic Java in his curriculum- which introduced him to the world of Web Development. He then learnt basic HTML and CSS on his own and made a static E-commerce website after completing college. However, he just treated this as a one-time gig and moved further in life as he didn’t possess a professional degree in this field.

For financial stability, he took up a sales-related job that he quit in a few months since he couldn’t enjoy it. Post that, he got another job with a tech-based role but it was not really related to Coding per se. Furthermore, he felt discontented here too as there wasn’t much in store for him to learn and grow simultaneously. As a result, he decided to quit this job as well and began to explore more options that would give his career new heights. Going with traditional ideology, he considered pursuing MBA and rigorously started preparing for CAT and various other entrance exams.

While he was waiting for the results, he thought of utilising his free time and polish his skills in Coding (for which he developed a liking during his college days) and came across Masai School, while scrolling through random articles on Google. He went through the article and felt really impressed with its ISA, which required students to only pay the fee after landing a job of more than Rs.5,00,000 per annum.

He looked up for the students enrolled with Masai on LinkedIn and contacted Mahesh, now an alumnus, to know about his experience. Based on his reviews, he decided to go ahead and try his luck with no concrete agenda in mind. However, it was during his delightful interview with Masai’s CEO Prateek and mentor Yogesh that he made up his mind to drop his decision of pursuing an MBA and instead learn Coding on a professional level.

After joining, he felt sceptical about himself when he got to know about the Nine-Nine-Six schedule. He thought that he was too lazy to follow such a strict structure with so much discipline. However, with time he easily blended into the entire routine when he saw other students and faculty following it with utmost dedication and began to go with the flow of things.

Speaking of the curriculum, it was not easy for him in the first few months to catch up with its industrial standard considering he was from a non-Computer Science background. He would constantly look up to his mentors to get his doubts and concepts cleared before going ahead with another topic. Perhaps it was only because of the regular assignments and the effective mentorship of the faculty that he slowly built up the confidence towards Coding that he didn’t know he could possess before joining Masai.

After the completion of the course, he regularly appeared for interviews during the placement drive at Masai but unfortunately, couldn’t clear most of them due to some inadequacies. He realised that he felt very nervous and would feel confused between a few concepts while talking to the recruiters. Worried, he confided in his mentors- Aman, Albert and Yogesh- who then helped him in identifying his mistakes, polishing his resume and working on his gaps through mock interviews. This kind of support eventually got him placed in Sugar Cosmetics as a Software Developer.

What he liked about Masai is the fact that the team here really takes every feedback very seriously and actively acts on it. There were times when he couldn’t keep up with the ways things functioned here but was glad that every concern put out by him was duly taken care of, especially under Nrupal’s supervision.

Based on his personal experience, he has a message for the aspiring Coders of today:

“I understand there will be days when you feel like giving up but you must understand that every difficult day will pass eventually- you just need to be patient in going through it and not giving up on your values. As a Developer, you should keep building things, fail as much as possible and then learn from your failures. Don’t be afraid of taking a leap of faith for a better future with Masai School and trust me your life will change for the better.”



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