A friend, a teacher, a guide. Meet the Sherpas at Masai School

Sherpas are students in their 10–12th week at Masai, appointed as mentors to help new students identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as help them with their doubts in personalized one-to-one sessions.

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The Sherpa System is a mindfully designed initiative for the latest members of the Masai family. Taking into consideration the mix of anticipation and nervousness that often grips new students, the faculty at Masai has devised an insightful way to help new entrants feel at ease in the first weeks of their intensive training.

What does it mean to be a Sherpa? 🧗🏽‍♀️

Sherpas help mountaineers through difficult hiking terrains, adept with the knowledge of what lies on the path ahead.

Similarly, students in their 10th or 12th week can best empathize with new students at Masai and can help them

  1. Better understand difficult concepts,
  2. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and
  3. Collaborate on interesting projects, hereby enabling them to learn by working as a team
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Sherpas are students-turned-mentors who have been incentivised to hone their own concepts, add a teaching experience to their CV and earn money on the side by helping our enthusiastic new students explore the vast library of knowledge and skills that is Masai.

Why our senior students admire the Sherpa program:

  • Teaching gives Sherpas the opportunity to test their knowledge, and improve with time — Teaching something is the best way to learn
  • They can give back to the Masai community by helping fellow students
  • It helps them connect with their juniors thereby creating an effective learning environment driven by our community
  • Sherpas can add this teaching experience in their resume
  • They get a small stipend from Masai
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At Masai School, we take a lot of care to ensure that our students benefit the most, and hence every thing we devise is kept with the perspective of placing our student’s interests first.

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